Nancie was born and raised in the Northeast United States. Her life's journey has taken her from one coast to the other, but now calls Colorado home. She is a self-taught metalsmith who has planted herself in the dynamic Front Range area, and works in her studio under the name Moonfish Design.

Born with art in the veins, Nancie's first love was drawing. By the age of 3, there was nothing better than a crayon or pencil in the hand and a sketch pad in front of her. In 1995, Nancie's personal discovery of manipulating metal began a new adventure in the spirit of creativity. She applies what she learned during her decades-long love affair with the art of drawing into her work with metals. The use of color, texture, and the sense of movement are translated into fabricated jewelry that allows her expression of art while pushing forward in craftsmanship with time-honored metalsmithing techniques.

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